Hard or soft board ?

Its the famous question , which is better

Pro and cons for both:

if we take an 11ft hard board, like a bic , its going to be bullet proof and last forever with minimum care, you can almost put your whole family on it including the dog.

Ultimately the hard board is generally going to be more stable if we are using comparable lengths whereas an inflatable board of similar size isnt going to be any where near as stable with added  passengers and also they are much more affected by wind... take care on those windier days.

Hard board benefits , more stable , safer, lasts longer, less maintenance, no pumping up

Hard board disadvantages..heavier, more difficult to store

Inflatable board benefits, lighter, takes less space

Inflatable board disadvantages, more affected by the wind, more prone to damage from the sun (uv), needs to be pumped up, its lighter but be careful leaving on the beach, dont put too much air inside when its hot, they can explode, more prone to damage and holes.
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